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You wouldn’t stop complaining about stuff; when we were friends you took me for granted; i was scared of your love; it was winter and it was cold; and i’m always confused in winter for God’s sake! :D

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You slurred your words so bad EVERY TIME you drank, I felt like I was dating someone with a speech impediment.

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Because you cried more than I did.

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You said the gym was the only place you felt loved. I paid those gym fees, and your phone bill and rent and let you borrow my car. I adored you and wanted you to be happy. I loved you.

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Because you left a poop stain on one of my towels, then rolled it up and put it in the hamper hoping I wouldn’t find it.

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When I said I’m not interested, you had to have a friend “psychoanalize” me on AOL in an attempt to convince me I really loved you (despite all of the reasons I had to run away upon first meeting).

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Because even after months of dating you still never called or texted me first.

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You told me to choose you over my dad who had been diagnosed with cancer for a second time.

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You were supposed to pick me up to take me out for my birthday. I waited, you didn’t call after being 4 hours late. I called, ‘your car wouldn’t start’.

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Because when you were naked your torso looked like a frog’s face (boobs were the eyes + your belly and it’s roll were the frogs mouth).

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