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You constantly rewrote your past.

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Because after reading most of these entries, I think we’re all talking about you.

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Because you told me your biggest fear was bumblebees and you’d use me as a shield for one in a heartbeat.

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You decided you had to “get away for a little bit,” which entailed moving 5 hours away, then mentioned you’re pregnant but you’ll “take care of it.” Then your “appointment” was on Christmas eve at a place that doesn’t do the procedure, yet you called me Christmas day to say you went through with it….then posted on Facebook “time for rum, beer, & sledding.” This would have been tolerable had my mom not passed away on Thanksgiving.

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You wanted “rubs.”

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You wouldn’t help me pop the biggest zit ever and I could barely reach it by myself. I need to count on you for these things.

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Because you just ooze mediocrity.

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You left me crumpled on the floor (of the apartment we shared) crying begging you not to leave me alone bc I was scared after I told you I was pregnant so that you could go do drugs with your friends

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Because when I told you Jurassic Park was a book before it was a movie, you assumed that meant it was based on a true story.

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While I was in boot camp you knocked up a 17 year old.

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